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Canned products foodstore with delivery in Hong Kong

White Horseradish sauce White Horseradish sauce 140 gr Add to Cart $2.29 US
Sour cabbage Sour cabbage Home made sauerkraut 350 gr Add to Cart $2.49 US
Adjika sauce Adjika sauce "Uncle Vanya" 140 gr Add to Cart $2.99 US
Tomatoes marinated premium Tomatoes marinated premium 370 gr Add to Cart $3.29 US
Green peas Bonduelle Green peas Bonduelle 400 g Add to Cart $3.49 US
Vacuum corn Bonduelle Vacuum corn Bonduelle 340 g Add to Cart $3.49 US
Squash spread Squash spread 420 gr Add to Cart $3.99 US
Pitted Olives Pitted Olives "Bonduelle" 300 g Add to Cart $3.99 US
Green peas Green peas "Heinz" 410 gr Add to Cart $3.99 US
Tomato ketchup Tomato ketchup 340 gr Add to Cart $3.99 US

Order marinades and pickles foodstore with delivery. Send sauces and canned food in Hong Kong!

You can send your loved ones not only flowers or toys, but also something more useful, like foodstore. For example, you can order a set of groceries, composing it to your liking.

Ready-made grocery baskets or gift baskets are a great gift, especially since they are very easy to order and deliver in Hong Kong. Send foodstore with delivery in Hong Kong.

Their only drawback is that you cannot change their composition. However, if you decide to order products with delivery in Hong Kong in Cyber-Florist, you will not have such a problem.

In our catalog you can choose and order squash caviar, buy canned pears and peaches, buy olives and olives, sauces and compotes.

Build your own grocery set with delivery in Hong Kong for your loved ones. A set of products can be packed and sent in a gift basket or delivered in convenient bags.

If you want the delivery of products in Hong Kong to be festive - add a cake, a bouquet of flowers or balloons to your set. And maybe even all this at once.

This can be done when placing an order in Step 1 - under the list of goods you ordered. Also, when ordering for a certain amount, you can add free gifts to your order as a bonus.

You can add a message to the order. And get free shipping photo. For a small surcharge, the message can be printed on a beautiful postcard.

Taking care of loved ones with Cyber ​​Florist is very easy.

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